still going WRONG

still going WRONG invites you to a rendezvous with five dancers who seek happiness in perfection but find joy in the mistakes that create unforeseen life.

On stage the dancers confess, fight and battle their own and others people’s mistakes. It’s a chaos of sweaty hands, flushed cheeks and busy feet trying to run away. The shame and embarresment of being mistaken is defused and disarmed through humor.

“We kissed in a mosque.” “I was born in the wrong body.” “Is it a mistake to revive a dying patient on the way to the hospice?”

In the year before the making of still going WRONG dadadans has annimated open workshops, set up physical and virtual mailboxes and asked people to donate their own mistakes stories, quotes and thoughts. This has given an infinite ocean of mistakes, defects and errors to fish inspiration in.

Read og share mistakes at our blog.

still going WRONG_short intro from dadadans on Vimeo.

still going WRONG (dadadans) – Trailer from Bora Bora on Vimeo.

Choreographer / Artistic Director: Helle Bach

Lighting designer: Mårten Axelsson

Composer: Emil Sebastian Bøll

Costumes: Charlotte Østergaard

Dancers: Alexandre Bourdat, Tiziana Fracchiolla, Raphael Eder Kastling, Marylise Tanvet og Esther Wrobel

still going WRONG premiered 8 – 16th May 2012 at Bora Bora, Aarhus and played 14 – 23th June 2012 at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen.

still going WRONG is coproduced with Bora Bora and supported by Th Danish National Bank, Danish National Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality.

Press photos can be found here.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Quote by Thomas Edison

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