Premiere 10 october 2017

“EN SOM HED” is a one-man circus about lonely people that consists of five physical monologues with different angles on the anatomy of loneliness.

A solo performance created by choreographer Helle Bach in close collaboration with performer and Reumer Award-recipient Bo Madvig (best dancer 2017). Sensitively and with humor the performance dissects loneliness and lonely people.


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Comming up:

12 April 4pm Conversation Café/ Studenterhuset, Aarhus Universitet.

19 April 7.30pm Møllevangs Kirken, Aarhus.

25 April 7.30pm Vestjyllands Højskole, Ringkøbing.

26 April 6pm Vesterbro’s Ungdomskirke, København V.

31 Maj and 1 June Cph.Stage. Teaterøen, København K.

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