Behind the surface, inside the body, loneliness behaves like a traveling tivoli of insistent struggles, violent reactions and longings. So welcome to Circus Loneliness – step closer!

In the years 2016-2022, dadadans works on an extensive project to explore the anatomy of loneliness.

“I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of being lonely the rest of my life. “

So far it’s resulted in the sight specific installation PEEPS, which took place during Aarhus Festuge 17’, the solo ANY ONE (2017) and the performance PEEPS, which played in Copenhagen and Aarhus in September-October 2018.

The purpose of the project is to give room to what loneliness does to with us. We portray the feelings and the people behind unwanted loneliness. It’s painful but also beautiful. It’s part of being human. Loneliness is not a disease or a diagnosis. We strive to give people a bodily experience and hope that it can contribute to greater recognition of loneliness as a natural part of the human life cycle and break the taboo.

“Internet dating is just another platform for people who are not interested in me.”










The ambition now is to gather the extensive research and the various elements into Circus Lonelines – a traveling tivoli in loneliness. It will take place in 2020-2022 different places in Denmark or abroad – in different settings – and include local artists, citizens and / or professionals such as researchers and scientists in workshops over a certain period of time. The local material produced in the workshops, together with dadadans’ choreographic elements, will create a unique performance for each city.

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