Life as a showgirl at the famous music hall stage Folies Bergere in Paris is not just about feathers, false eyelashes and stilettos. The body’s appearance is put under tension as waistlines, weight and even hair colour are grounds for firing. Here the body is a tool to portray a stylised image of beauty.

Through a mix of dance and theatre Helle Bach takes a tour of her personal experiences at the Folies Bergere in the early 1990s, and gives the audience a unique insight into how to present long legs, high breasts and transform the body into a real showgirl.

An undercurrent flows through the solo, with a clash between the real body in constant change and the ideal of the beautiful body that reflects ideas, dreams and fashions.

Choreography/dancer: Helle Bach.
Duration: 50 min.

Citations from the danish press:

It’s dance filled with humor and bite.
Aarhus Stifttiddende, Kirsten Dahl

Personal and exstremely humorous solo
(…) in a fine mix of dance and talk.
Berlingske Tidende, Vibeke Wern

Helle Bach manages to entertain and
interest – even beyond the narrow
circle of dance nerds.
Weekendavisen, Majbrit Hjelmsbo

Feathers and Stilettos from dadadans on Vimeo.


Feathers & Stilettos premiered on the 8th March 2011 at Entré Scenen, Aarhus, after which it played at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen as part of the dual program Moving Moving Me You. Feathers & Stilettos played in an english version on 21th September 2011 at the festival Moving Agendas, Aarhus and at I.E.T.M. Copenhagen 30th March 2012

Choreography, concept and dance: Helle Bach

Lightdesign: Benjamin la Cour

Audio: Emil Sebastian Bøll

Technician: Kasper Egelund

Production: dadadans in co-production with Entre Scenen

Feathers & stilettos is produced with support from the Danish National Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality.

Tech Rider_ Feathers and Stilettoes_ dadadans_2011

For a full legnth video version of Feathers & stilettos please contact us.

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