– an installationssolo for dance and computers

Facade is a unique portrait of a woman, told through a hybrid of virtual interactive media and choreography. The solo merges the traditional stage-performance with digital installations, and the laptop computer´s intimate access to our public lives. The outcome is an overall portrait of a woman, her personal world and her existence in the outside world.

Before the performance the audience has an opportunity to meet the woman, both through social networking such as Facebook and her website. On the evening of the performance the audience is invited to bring a laptop computer with them, which provides access to other aspects of the woman on stage´s personality through her performance and her behavior online.

The audience is invited to explore the onstage installation before and after the performance.

During the performance we follow the woman while she changes from work-clothes into party dress. Cameras, projectors and the scenography interact with the woman: She performs alone, multiplies to an entire dance company and initiates a dialogue with different nuances of her personality.

Facade aims to give individual experiences, where each guest can choose to use the internet or not. In this context, the internet delivers an additional opportunity to diversify the impressions from stage, and mirror the rapid changes between public and private facades.

Facade is an experiment, that manipultates and plays with the time and space of the real, virtual, private and public life. The installations negate the ordinary physical limitations on stage by giving the possibility to look around corners and into hidden rooms. The interactive media create interactions between the audience and the stage´s real and virtual room.


Concept: Helle Bach AND Signe Klejs

Choreography and dance: Helle Bach

Installation and interaktivt design: Signe Klejs

Light design : Morten Ladefoged

Stage minimum: 8 meter deep x 10 meter wide

Duration: 60 min

Venues: Entre Scenen, Århus 27 til 31 maj 2008

Facade is a coproduktion between dadadans and Entré Scenen was produced with the support from

The Danish Actors Union/Kollektive blankbåndsmidler and Århus Kommune

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