DANCE AND COMPUTERS is a cross-disciplinary development laboratory founded by choreographer Helle Bach and interaction designer Signe Klejs. The focal point is to let digital technologies meet the dancer, letting the two confront and interact in a performance situations.

DANCE AND COMPUTERS used Helle Bach’s residency as inhouschoreographer at Entre Scenen to:

– research into the choreographic relationships that arise in the interplay with digital interactive media

study how the above evolves both on the “real stage” and in the virtual space.

The goal was to formulate some guidelines for the choreographic integration of real and virtual presence on stage.

Below is some of the outcome of this work:

“To be” in WEB 2.0

Six interactive features consisting of small choreographic works, that are shot live with a camcorder and digitally manipulated before being projected on a big screen.

Six spots describing some of the reflections, blockages and fears you may have when you are converting your entire “I” into a virtual profile. Features that also describes the moment when your body and virtual identity merge into a greater whole, and you feel the rush from the worldwide network, threw your personal contribution


Web.2.0_IT-FORUM_2007 #1 from dadadans on Vimeo.





Web.2.0_IT-FORUM_2007 #2 from dadadans on Vimeo.


The cooperation between Signe and Helle has continued with the performances Facade (2008), Inside out – Outside In (2009) and Snip Snap Snude (2010).

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