– a poetic and sensuel dance with death.

Death is strange, fascinating, mysterious and a taboo – an inevitable part of life.

You can count on Death.

The performance Snip Snap Snude looks death in the eye, in a pure sensory bombardment, where the individual vision of death is merged with the different cultural perceptions of end of life. The dancers living body is playing with virtual visual elements and death as the eternal dance partner.

Snip Snap Snude puts a perspective on our view of death – yours, mine and the neighbors!

The performance is a collage, which, through visual tableaux and ultra-short soundscapes examines and compares selected Western symbols and cliches about death with reality. Snip Snap Snude sheds light on our traditions, our squeamishness and our taboos in relation to death but not without cracks for optimism. Life must be lived just as death must be met – the two are dependent on each other.


Concept: Helle Bach in collaboration with Signe Klejs

Choreography: Helle Bach

Interaction design: Signe Klejs

Dancers: Johan Amselem, Anders Christiansen and Carina Raffel

Music composed for the piece and Sounddesign: Emill Sebastian Bøll

Also music by: Murcof

Set design and Costume design: Helle Bach and Signe Klejs

Lighting design: Anja Myung Hansen

Producer / PR: Nojazz and Sceneargenturet

Production: Projektcentret/ Dansens Hus

Duration: 60 minutes

Minimum stage measurements: 9 meters deep x 7 meters wide


Archauz, Århus, 4 – 10 april 2010.

Kapellet på Assistens Kirkegården, København, 2 – 14 marts 2010.

SNIP SNAP SNUDE was produced with support from The Danish Arts Council, Willhelm Hansen Fonden, Kulturudviklings puljen – Århus kunstråd, Region Midtjylland, Entre Scenen and KBH. Kommune underskudsgarenti.

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