ANY ONE (can be lonely)is a one-man circus about lonely people.

A solo performance created by choreographer Helle Bach in close collaboration with performer and Reumer Award-recipient Bo Madvig (best dancer 2017).

Sensitively and with humor the performance dissects loneliness and lonely people.

ANY ONE (can be lonely) is a solo  that consists of five physical monologues with each their angle of loneliness. Here you will meet Jens filling out his calendar with everything from crossfit to spanish ham tasting and Viggo, who does not know if he thinks it’s beautiful or really annoying when young couples kiss in public spaces.

ANY ONE seizes the taboo and the human behind the cold and impersonal numbers, facts and statistics on loneliness. Here the focus is on life that is lived in hiding, in the absence of being seen, in the absence of belonging, in the absence of social cohesion – life played out in the dangerous and poisonous cocktail, which is the anatomy of loneliness.

Loneliness does not only affect old ladies who have lost their husbands and whose children and grandchildren live far away. It’s not only a big city phenomenon – you can also be lonely in a village. We all face loneliness in different periods of our lives whether it is after divorce or as a student in a new city. We don’t like talking about it!

ANY ONE offers a safe room to meet this shameful and embarrassing subject. The solo wrestles with the taboo and human-being behind the hard impersonal numbers, facts and statistics of loneliness.

ANY ONE reaches out to the audience, by treating the subject both concrete and poetic, accompanied by a soundtrack of Aarhus citizens, talking about a wide range of everyday experiences of loneliness.

Premiere 10 Oktober 2017 at

Helle Bach

Choregraphy, text and staging
Helle Bach
in collaboration with performer
Bo Madvig

Bo Madvig

1:1 Produktion


EN SOM HED_teaser_oct.2017 from dadadans on Vimeo.




12 April 4pm Conversation Café/ Studenterhuset, Aarhus Universitet.

19 April 7.30pm Møllevangs Kirken, Aarhus.

25 April 7.30pm Vestjyllands Højskole, Ringkøbing.

26 April 6pm Vesterbro’s Ungdomskirke, København V.

31 Maj and 1 June Cph.Stage. Teaterøen, København K.

Comming up:

7 februar kl. 19.30 Lyngby Stadsbibliotek, Kgs. Lyngby.*

9 februar kl 16.00 Rønne Teater, Rønne.*

*Please note: Spoken parts will be in Danish.


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