TOGETHER is a quartet on the move towards the future accompanied by media updates of the world conflicts of today and scientists’ visions for the world of tomorrow.

A multitude of relations and emotions appear and disappear, but the joint motion is never forgotten onwards out towards the public………….. the exit doors……….moving on…..and on and on.

TOGETHER, this organised mess of humanness, is born out of a choreographical play with contrasting the diversity of expressions that exist within the tradition of contemporary dance today.


Together (5 min excerpt) from dadadans on Vimeo.



Duration  30 min.

Choreography: Helle Bach

Dancers: Line Larsen-Ledet, Kim Mühlenfeldt, Maria Naidu and Tomomi Yamauchi.

Set Design: David Drachmann

Lightdesign: Dorte Wium

Sounddesign: Tobias Tonboe og Helle Bach

Producer: Dansekontoret

Support: Teaterrådet, National Bankens Jubilæumsfond and Augustinus Fondet.


Aerowaves.The Place. London.

Resolution!Review ( These can be found at

TOGETHER Sat 07 Feb 04

There’s global warming, weapons proliferation, gene cloning, economic summits – all the socio-economic-politico-technological turmoils of our biosphere – and then there’s these two women on stage playing footsie. It’s just one moment in Together, a clever and captivating work by Danish choreographer Helle Bach in which four dancers wobble, shudder and flail through a barrage of news bulletins and special reports, intent on their own lives and blithely oblivious to the bigger picture. The piece opens with the four in a row, each manically stepping and spinning on the spot, like human specimens in a rat-race driven by their own incessant mental treadmills. Later they cluster and scurry about the floor, before one woman makes a bid for individual attention, flappily executing clichéd show-stopping turns, to the others’ supreme indifference. Together is lightly comic on the surface and faintly chilling underneath, nowhere more so than in the finale, a long sequence in which the deadpan dancers do nothing more than jiggle their hands, knees and boompsy-daisies to cheesy easy-listening music. They end by climbing into the audience and merging with the mass of spectators. We share the same global context but, like the performers, we’re more intent on the moment and our experience. We jiggle our hands in appreciative applause

Sanjoy Roy – Mon 09 Feb 04

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