Intermezzo can be seen as a granité of dance.
Granité, the slightly sourish sorbet that is served between two main courses to cleanse the tastebuds and prepare them for yet another experience.
An accessible and direct atmosphere, added a dash of a distorted angle and garnished with dominating dance music – It’s only entertainment…………
The ingredients are a solo, a duet and a trio; three short (max. 5 min.) choreographies, which are mutually independent. They can be shown alone or together – as it pleases………….

Common for all the three pieces of Intermezzo is that they are built up around short “samplet” rhythmical music numbers by Don Air and use a limited space (4m x 4m), a fact that makes Intermezzo easy to show in other spaces than on a traditional stage.

Idear and Choreography : Helle Bach
Dancers: Line Larsen-Ledet, Tali Razga, Kasper Ravnhøj, Tomomi Yamauchi and Helle Bach
Costumes: Charlotte Østergaard
Producer: Wanda Swaffield
Funded by The Danish National Bank and Kanonhallen.

Intermezzo was premiered at the festival Jungehunde, Kanonhallen, march 2002 and has since been shown in Belgium, England, Sweden and Dansolution 02, Dansescenen, Danserotation 03 in Denmark.

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