– An evening for dance and computers – in two parts.

Inside Out – Outside In is a dance performance in which two seemingly different worlds sneak up on each other via an interactive scenography. As with the world wide web images, scenes and action from everyday life are reused in new and multible contexts. In this technological cocktail of a dance performance bodies of flesh and blood are mixed with live audio and animated images – equating the “real” with the “virtual” objects.

Inside Out – Outside In is a show in two parts –

Inside out: a duet for two female dancers, that portrays the inner dialogue of a woman

Outside In – a quartet for two men and two women, about group structures in relation to the unique individual

Inside Out – Outside In is about being human. About relating to oneselve and the world at a time when the extensive use of digital technology affects the way we define ourselves both as individuals and social creatures.


Concept: Helle Bach in collaboration with Signe Klejs

Choreography: Helle Bach

Interaction design: Signe Klejs

Dancers: Miguel Cortes, Louise Hyun Dahl, Lars Dahl Pedersen and Maria Naidu

Music by: Sumumu Yokota, Aphex Twin, Cafe Tacuba, Juan Garcia Esquivel, Matthew Herbert

Set design: Helle Bach and Signe Klejs

Costume design: Charlotte Østergaard

Lighting design: Bjarke Sørensen/Lumen

Producer: Sofie Van Nord

PR: Allan Jensen

Production: Entre Scenen

Minimum stage measurements: 10 meters deep x 10 meters wide

Duration: 85 min. inkluding a 15 min. break


Entre Scenen, Århus 28 February to 6 March 2009

Dansescenen, Copenhagen  22 September to 27 September 2009

Inside out – Outside in was produced with support from The Danish Arts Council, Kulturudviklings puljen – Århus kunstråd, Tuborg Fonden, Oticon Fonden and Entre Scenen

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