small details

One Piece of Music 
Two Worlds

…in touch through a video 
Three logics mutating 

A Baroque Experience

As a Baroque decor packed with detail just so small details. The piece plays with our perception of reality and focuses on how important each part of the whole is.

This is a piece were two worlds live side by side: on the stage floor an immediate and playful quartet of dancers and outside the arena floor a solo by a mythological like female creature.

The solo of the supernatural female creature is filmed live and projected directly onto the back wall of the stage . Pre-edited video material of the solo is inserted into the live projection. The qartet on the stage and the woman off the stage never relate directly to each other but meet through the projection on the back wall. The choreography spans from a solemn atmosphere to the ridiculous through an ever changing game between solo, video and the quartet of dancers. The overall experience becomes an affair where the audience is constantly invited to choose between different inputs in the interpretation of small details.

small details (7 min. excerpt) from dadadans on Vimeo.

Choreography: Helle Bach

Dancers: Tore Asbjerg, Karen Margrete Aunsholt, Yael Gaathon, Gaute Grimeland og Line Larsen-Ledet

Music: City Life by Steve Reich

Costume design: Charlotte Østergaard and Helle Bach

Lighting design: Thomas Bendiksen

Video Photographer: Maren Lerch

Video editing and postproduction: Anders Noer and Michael Bing

Minimum stage measurements: 10 meters deep x 10 meters wide

Duration: 25 min.

small details was produced with support from Augustinus Fonden, The danish National Banks Jubilæumsfond , Wilhelm Hansen Fonden and Kulturfonden, City of Copenhagen

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